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0.8748 That's actually a great idea, features could be added to take into account special features, thanks!
0.8748 Thanks man, support is always great!
0.8622 I'm not familiar with multivariate regression as it stands, but I might look into it if I do choose to look at blue position as well, which by the way is a great suggestion!
0.8588 Yeah that sounds awesome, thanks man!
0.8553 I know quite a bit about float values already but it helps to know what BTA stands for, thanks once again!
0.8176 Hope this helps :)
0.8074 It's like when a chocolate bar company has a "1 in 3 chance to win another chocolate bar" promotion.
0.807 Awesome, thanks man!
0.7901 Wow man thanks for the data!
0.7901 Wow, thanks man!
0.7717 I'll start with only a few knives, like Kara Bayo and M9, and if it gets enough popularity I'll add the other knives as well

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-0.7104 but my knife doesn't look too good, I'll put it at the lower end of the range"
-0.6249 The float of the weapons used in the contract don't have an effect on the weapon you will receive, only the float.
-0.34 Context: avatar drinking games are too drunk to handle
-0.296 No that would be seven-eighths *athiest* and an eighth *thiest*
-0.2732 Keep in mind the items he is offering are most likely going to drop in price - the falchion knife in particular, while it's unlikely that the Dragon Lore will even with the level up drops.
-0.2411 But I'm not sure as I just quickly googled it on a mobile.
-0.1779 It's just a nice comment from pasha considering KQLY did fuck him over in the tournament.
-0.1779 Just thought I'd leave my opinion here in case in helps anyone, I could be wrong.
-0.1531 Made this quickly, no idea if it's what you want. Possibly also too large for Steam, tell me and I can reduce the file size a bit if you want. http://imgur.com/UNeLWFJ
-0.1232 I'm not sure about the price but I would say that's a 110% fade
-0.0644 So it was still possible to get a fire serpent but the float would have been relative to the range of float values for the fire serpent
0.0 Eg var totalSeconds = ticksSinceClose / TimeSpan.TicksPerSecond Apologies for any formatting issues, did this on mobile.