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0.9153 It will provide you a great insight into the community and sub-culture. I hope your assignment brings you many adventures alongside the knowledge you gain from it.
0.9118 I think as moderators we can try our best to promote furry in a good light by keeping our communities a safe place for furs to gather and a open place for everyone else to speak.
0.9117 Super happy to hear this and happy to have you here!
0.8883 Even better of an adventure, scratch what I said and try to have a good time and make friends!
0.8658 I am happy you have found a community that loves and accepts you because you are yourself.
0.864 The ending was very light and enjoyable, DJ's like these kind of endings - it makes any track coming in sound that much more powerful. Don't ever stop making music.
0.8585 Happy Halloween /r/furry furs! I love how this came out hothead!
0.8439 My favorite furry artist is Shiuk! I love to draw stick furries as I have no talent in that department.
0.8402 My favorite community creation is our beautiful Snoo.
0.8271 I recommend trying to room with furs you know, or who are friends of friends.
0.8225 I did not think about the commons, that will be cool to see as well. Thank you again for joining us today - I will be here to help with anything you need.

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-0.7269 I loved studying about the revolution of warfare from the middle of the civil war period to the end of world war 1.
-0.5908 Though, sadly, I use a mac now most of the time and never get to play it.
-0.5411 Nope :( sorry!
-0.5118 This caused confusion so I decided to finally merge the two by making art of my SL model as a cat-dog as a kinda gag commission and it ended up sticking.
-0.3404 It doesn't feel like it was long ago that it was 10k!
-0.34 1 - When I was a kid my mom was always making these fire playlists and burning them onto CD's.
-0.34 This is crazy detailed, do you have a source?
-0.34 Please avoid spam posts.
-0.3195 Please avoid posting not safe for work topics such as this.
-0.3164 You have always stuck by your community and that shows!
-0.2732 It is hard to shake this image when the community is as free-range as it is.
-0.1761 Extremely hard for most furs on mobile to see.