/u/hysterical_cub is very positive!

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0.8635 I hope you enjoy your time here! I've heard stories like this before, and you're not alone.
0.8316 I like how he's in an actual cigar shop, like wow. Such badassery
0.8012 I hope you two are very happy together!
0.7082 Right now I would like a really nice Celestia and Judy hopps plushie! I am currently getting a Judy hopps made, so my list of plushies is really short.
0.69 I could definitely help if I got more information!
0.6649 so very cute!!!
0.6588 Keep up the great work!
0.6588 you're awesome man!
0.6562 YOU ENJOY IT!!!!!
0.6486 Lol you sound like my younger cousin talking about me...
0.6369 I've met many plushophiles that love to trash their plushies, and it's not uncommon really.

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-0.7845 Is no one going to mention how cheese can kill rodents?
-0.6369 **Redneck version**: cut a giant ass hole in the back of a costco bear, then take yer friend and tie that fucker up like your first buck of the season.
-0.6115 I really hate talking about this...
-0.5106 This person must be an idiot
-0.4813 pony butts are hard to not notice XP
-0.4767 poor Lyra...
-0.4545 as someone who runs this sub, I look forward to everyone's posts no matter who or what they are about!!!
-0.3804 I'm so confused by this entire thing
-0.34 She was unfortunately $400.
-0.3182 Nsfw please tag your shit
-0.296 Fedora is worn correctly, the pose is what makes us question his outfit
-0.296 I have no clue