/u/hulk_hogan_fascism is kind of a dick.

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0.9093 That's just wonderful dearie, thank you so much for sharing.
0.8777 /u/CucksLoveTrump keep digging for the truth and don't let fake rape babies like /u/BlackWidow221B spread alternative facts.
0.8292 Yes one has good teeth and never lost the battle of Isandlwana
0.8074 Cheers love.
0.8019 He's actually a glorious neoliberal, and not the retarded ones from the sub who think Hilary is a Neolib.
0.7579 I'm sure your wife's kids love you very much.
0.7184 I will be giving bonuses to all warriors who bring me the head of a Russian officer.
0.718 I know you're slow, like most Teutons, but surely you would've began to notice.
0.7146 I don't really give a fuck which side one person or the other thinks has a better vehicle or plane.
0.6597 That's nice dear.
0.6597 Sorry I thought I was speaking to a true faithful.

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-0.829 I don't buy crap all from this place anymore. :thinking: With critical thinking skills this poor, I hope to shit you failed college, /u/MixSaffron.
-0.7553 Can either side, unless they go to a total war economy, really stomach the loss of a group of BTGs, or a BCT?
-0.7506 For example; the Russians had to halt air strikes in Georgia during their short 2008 war due to attrition of air power.
-0.7501 Oh /u/batsdx is absolutely retarded; because if he wasn't he'd be milking the sputtering outrage in the responses for all it was worth.
-0.743 The destruction of that Egyptian brigade robbed the Egyptians of mobile forces that otherwise could've keep the battle for the Chinese Farm - which was enfilading the Israeli MSR - going.
-0.7096 The IAF suffered atrocious losses before countermeasures were devised.
-0.7003 Your shade is weak fam, probably weaker than your chin-to-neck definition.
-0.6956 Yeah but your Blondes are shrill, dried cunts, brother.
-0.6948 Imagine being so retarded you think Communism will prevail.
-0.6908 All of you kill yourselves.
-0.6908 All that time and effort I spent training you in the heat of the South American jungles and yet your file still reads no kills. Step.
-0.6901 /u/Tackysackjones deeply disappointed in your lack of responses to these hard-hitting journalistic inquiries.