/u/hotsgamergirl is very positive!

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0.936 I think the best thing to do is learn to love and embrace sex in a positive way.
0.9359 Good luck and have good safe fun!
0.8979 If sex is a bonding and feeling loved experience, then it is best to make sure the partner is the same way.
0.8934 They are great and I love them being played with so much.
0.8516 I wish i could stream games while naked all in one place, because gamers can be sexy and good gamers!
0.8402 Those pics are super great and hot.
0.8334 Otherwise I do like athletic builds, but chubby can be very cute and cuddly as well.
0.8221 My biggest preference is that they find me super sexy!
0.8074 I look super sexy when it is on the floor.
0.7906 It can be a wonderful fun thing.
0.7783 Anyways welcome to the amazing world of sex.

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.6124 We were both scared and nervous.
-0.6114 I hate making titles too!
-0.5719 Unfortunately there is a lot of misinformation in the world.
-0.5719 I grew up in sex negative household.
-0.4574 Not a problem!
-0.3252 If he is not suportive, then it means he is not mature enough for sex.
-0.3167 I am so shy to wear that one in public.
-0.1531 I need them played with, licked and sucked
-0.1511 Your teasing my husband too!
-0.0875 If he doesn't respect the risk to you and pregnancy then dump him and find someone smarter.
-0.0541 Wouldn't you like to know ;)
-0.0191 Does not matter if she had sex. As for what other guys say.