/u/horackle is very positive!

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Most Positive Sentences

Score Sentence
0.979 Not to mention exciting delicious and wow. Thanks gorgeous love to see you lovely naughty self.
0.9584 Wish I could give you your spankings ;) Amazing and delicious gift gorgeous
0.9491 Very sexy wish I could help you get naughty beautiful Yummy
0.9457 Wow you look amazing and very sexy Delicious too
0.9432 That so makes me smile...among other things Wow sexy delicious and awesome
0.93 I would love to help you in any way I can beautiful :)
0.9283 With many parts of my body ;) So amazing gorgeous and sexy
0.9245 would gladly help sexy ;) Very delicious
0.92 I would love to give them kisses ;) Very sexy
0.9169 Hello beautiful how wonderful to see your sexy self ;)
0.9153 They look great on your amazing beautiful face

Most Negative Sentences

Score Sentence
-0.5848 Mmmm fuck thats so hot!
-0.5719 Mommy is fucken hot as hell ;)
-0.5423 But hot as fuck Wait thats you
-0.4404 Hell yes I would.
-0.3612 Spending time with you would be no waste but spent exactly on who it should be.
-0.296 It's that an invitation? Sexy as hell none the less
-0.1027 Would and does make me to hard to sleep
-0.1027 Love the smirk Hot as hell
-0.0516 I envy it ;)
0.0 So very much it's making me drool!!
0.0 Incredible and very alluring and arousing picture, while still being mild yet suggestive.
0.0 Those shorts are hot as hell...