/u/hoomanwho is kind of a dick.

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0.8658 Apparently you think it is unpatriotic to point that out. My confidence in our elections was thrown under the bus when the Supreme court ruled for corporate money with Citizens United.
0.8625 Yes as we all know democracy is best served when only two parties are allowed to compete.
0.8155 So, yes, I'd love to see an AMA.
0.7506 The confusion of the 1948 war was a good opportunity for Israel to clear out Arabs from some of the best land on the coast.
0.7285 You sir get the prize for the most jingoistic kick ass American response yet, but you're still being played like a fiddle.
0.7269 Cancelling the agreement is NOT a reward to Russia.
0.6799 She's not so stupid, she knew full well the WMD thing was a crock.
0.6369 No, you sold out when you cheered anonymous intelligence agents leaking classified info to remove a constitutionally elected president.
0.6361 But what is extremely important in determining global warming is the perturbation caused by humans and how large is that additional CO2 relative to the natural amount.
0.6318 If I don't like what I read articles like it still come up in Google. Your choice of the NYT, WaPo, PBS and NPR are OK but pretty one sided.
0.6059 I sure hope journalism remains alive an well, but you won't find much of it in the MSM.

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-0.9231 Not counted in the death toll were 40 people killed after the war by cluster bombs left by the Israelis.
-0.9001 The other funny thing about the 2006 Israel-Lebanon war is that 90% of the Lebanese killed were civilians while 90% of the Israelis killed were military.
-0.872 This ruling opened the floodgates of money to buy elections, but that is no problem to you since the Russians cause all of our problems.
-0.8689 She learned from Gore's mistake when he voted against the first gulf war and it bit him in the ass when ran in 2000.
-0.8578 Israel's biggest problem with Hezbollah is that it is a potent military force right on their border which is particularly resistant to punishing Israeli attacks.
-0.8573 Gaddafi was authoritarian but in no way was he a brutal dictator.
-0.8473 You need to check your news sources, there are no more kids starving to death in Russia than there are in the US.
-0.8402 His statement is a stupid as the deniers who were mocking climate change a few winters ago when there were some record lows in the US.
-0.8176 What leader wants a civil war destroying his country, the end result being the regime could be toppled and the leader executed?
-0.8093 Almost all the terrorist attacks in the West are carried out by Sunni based groups, and in particular the Wahhabiists who are based in Saudi Arabia.
-0.802 Shiite terrorists only attack other countries in the ME.
-0.7935 It's kind of hard to blame Russia when there are so many utterly stupid Americans that are so willing to be lead around by the nose.