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0.9687 but I'll find something :) In the meantime, thank you for creating this wonderful audio :)
0.9544 Thank you for this wonderful present, I would love to see more people showing their love for it as well, even if it is a niche story.
0.9522 Wow, you took a deep dive into my pastebin, back when I was still capable of writing shorter scripts :) But I am so glad that you went back so far, because this audio is amazing.
0.9493 Either way, as much as I love the perfection shown in this audio, I also appreciate the coziness of imperfections as well, so I'll always have an eager ear for what anyone records.
0.9459 Thanks for the feedback on that part :) It's very encouraging to know that I did justice to that kink, and it will encourage me to include that and other fetishes in the future.
0.936 So please, by all means record it, but take your time with it :) And I'm so very glad you like my smutty scifi..
0.9337 For all the tenderness, emotional intimacy, and romance of the beginning of the audio, it's still such a supremely sexy performance for the end of it.
0.9337 At least it definitely sounds like you enjoyed yourself :) Those wet sounds were glorious, especially mixed with your even sexier moans.
0.93 I consider myself truly blessed to be the recipient of two great performances from you, with this being even better than the first.
0.9286 It's an excellent match for your sense of humor and ability to deliver funny lines while still being completely sexy.
0.9279 It gives me a thrill to hear my name mentioned at the beginning of the audio, although it's just another bit of pleasure piled on top of the ecstasy from hearing a script of mine performed so well.

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-0.6908 But I live in abject terror that so many incredible works of art could be lost permanently with it.
-0.6705 Two pilots, one male and one female had to share a cockpit in a mecha stolen from an alien enemy.
-0.6597 You also wove in her disdain for this frat president and fraternities in general, which also added to the sexual tension.
-0.6369 even ones I hated back then.
-0.6249 I mourn the possible loss of SoundCloud.
-0.5994 Nothing over-produced or autotuned to death.
-0.5994 To wait another night would have been too much torture.
-0.5849 I felt kind of bad when I finished this script and saw how long it was.
-0.5719 If I look at them too much, I hate them more and more and end up trashing them.
-0.5583 It wasn't easy to fall asleep after being teased by the first minute or the audio last night.
-0.5303 So no, I wasn't surprised by what you did.
-0.5214 Then it was everything I could do to pause it, because I so desperately wanted to listen to the entire thing right then and there.