/u/hobohater23 is kind of a dick.

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0.7269 The community does suck ass at times but its all in the name of getting promoted and winning titles.
0.6124 I would recommend blaszczykowski if would like a different option for a right mid.
0.5574 Rich Rodriguez
0.4939 my roommate's friend came over, ate my food and then ask me if i wanted any.
0.4404 Thanks for the insight;)
0.4019 Its obvious when its working and gives a competitive advantage that is needed in the higher divisions of fifa.
0.3612 "yeah am upset, they were having a good time"....
0.3612 i kinda think that if it was on july 11th it would be remembered as the 11th of july just like the 4th of july.
0.34 played golf in Naco during high school and you could hit a ball from the fairway over the fence.
0.2263 Thanks Cloud for ruining my life.
0.1027 When i was in third grade I went to hippie, tree hugging, circle jerk of a school and so one day the teacher naturally made us dig a garden on school property.

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-0.9217 "The death of man is a tragedy, The death of a million men is a statistic."-Joseph Stalin
-0.7425 My friends and I absolutely hated this kids so we decide that he deserved to die.
-0.6808 Messing with people and raising hell.
-0.6124 He cut his presentation short, left the classroom, and was forever know from then on as the freak who gave a presentation with a boner.
-0.5994 Probably enough time for another famous person to die.
-0.5574 In high school there was a douche bag who constantly got away with treating every girl in my class like piece of shit.
-0.5423 By the time the fuck was in front of the class, he had a massive bulge.
-0.5267 He seems slow and is painfully average at about everything.
-0.5106 can you bedazzle a dick?
-0.4939 I was assigned shovel duty and a cunt named Cloud was not.
-0.4574 Damn nutzi!
-0.4389 Dumb and Dumber "ahh Harry, I took care of It!"