/u/hilltopchill is very positive!

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0.802 I love the fact that we have dedicated artisan makers that put effort into their sculpts.
0.7345 Good luck everyone!
0.7269 9.5US, /u/reynad_NaCl is pretty funny
0.6808 15% off for a holiday sounds good
0.6369 The only person that could love him
0.6369 Would love some of those yeezys.
0.6369 I can definitely recommend it - it is a bit of a step down from TKL without sacrificing the arrow keys.
0.6369 Love this subreddit.
0.636 That's beautiful!
0.5994 That wrist rest is beautiful.
0.5859 9 US, PK God Yeezy Boost 350 /U/automoderator is the real MVP

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.7308 Sorry, but I'm not interested in a gift card.
-0.5707 Not a stupid question at all!
-0.5106 When I was soldering the board, I held down the iron for too long where the left CTRL key is meant to go, damaging that part of the PCB.
-0.5106 It says a lot about a person if they're a dick to a waiter
-0.4588 It's likely that your proxy is banned
-0.4497 No, but I wouldn't deliberately look for dodgy ways to get around them.
-0.3818 Edited, sorry for the delay.
-0.3182 Holy shit, calm down with the submit button
-0.296 no you do the math, you're Asian
-0.1759 That's a good point - sorry for being rude!
-0.128 Truly sickening.
-0.0772 That's the correct price, sorry.