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0.9331 I haven't used it to its full capacity yet but so far even with just the simple tracking it has been super helpful :)
0.9313 It is kinda slow money through herbs and other drops till around 65/70ish but afterwards it is definitely stable profit and one of the best ways to train your combat stats
0.9217 I think it's a great supplement if you play normally as well because sometimes playing it would get you to play when you normally wouldn't or would get you to play longer than you normally would.
0.9033 I really love the layout it's very simple and super responsive
0.9022 It's super fun especially if you are like me where I have experienced many of the games elements so iron man makes me have to play differently or do things I have never done before.
0.8735 I bought a nicer gi as my first, but it was marketed as a super durable gi as well, and as it turns out it seemed much thicker than my second gi.
0.8519 Awesome thanks guys I just figured it was wrong since most of the people I see play have their thumb resting on the pickup :)
0.8358 Thank you so much for this info cause I can never find 12.5's and they have them in really cheap as well :D
0.8313 Otherwise strava on your phone can do basically what your asking :) hope this helps!
0.8225 Guthans since it is super useful bossing on top of slayer plus you will have cash laying around for extras
0.8175 It works really well the only issue I had was with the trackpad being a little finicky when I set it up but after tweaking the settings it works perfectly.

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-0.481 If anyone else is having this problem just read the xbindkeys archwiki.
-0.4019 I had his same error.
-0.4019 I recently had trouble on my acer 14 and it was because I was installing ubuntu 12.04 instead of 14.04 just upgrading fixed my issue.
-0.4019 error C3867: 'std::basic_string,std::allocator
-0.3412 Basically there is not a 'good level' to go pk'ing.
-0.34 Some accounts can pk at lvl 30 combat with range or obby mauls while others would wait till they had almost maxed before pking.
-0.3182 I tried making games and I just found it boring.
-0.3167 I tried doing automation and that's where things kind of stuck for me.
-0.307 Shane Miller on YouTube just uses a music conductor stand which I'm sure would be around 30$ for a nice one but I have not tried this so no personal experience
-0.1027 This is what happened to me I went and got a proper fit now while it seems weird my running shoes are about 1 size larger than my casual shoes it stopped the numbness
-0.0772 As much as I hate to say it slayer is probably your best bet at least until a bit higher combats to be able to go to some bosses.
0.0 Figured it out!