/u/harlequincunx is very positive!

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Most Positive Sentences

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0.9186 Great eyes, fantastic lips, a nice smile.
0.9022 You have a good face, and you look smart and like you probably have a good sense of humor.
0.9001 Great smile, good body, I like your overall vibe.
0.8934 Great smile and great hair.
0.8908 You sound fun, I hope you have a great time!
0.8687 You have a great smile, and really good eyes.
0.8519 I love the idea of using role play to help people.
0.836 I'm thinking at a bare minimum flairs showing people who want to help, and what sort of topics they want to help with would be good.
0.8172 Best of luck to you!
0.8074 I'm sure you have plenty or envelopes already, but I wanted to say that's a great prompt.
0.8074 I think it would be pretty awesome.

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.765 It's a shame I would destroy you.
-0.705 I know it won't happen as an awful lof of this sub isn't even for role players but for people seeking dirty chat about specific scenarios.
-0.3595 Look, no hands!
-0.34 Crazy comments about being meat add points.
-0.25 I'm unsure how to group things, though.
-0.2498 Your body isn't perfect, but whose is?
-0.1263 Different frames might be better, but I'm not sure.
-0.1027 No reason to be nervous, you look good.
-0.1027 I'm hard just looking at you.
-0.0516 She's begging for it, she needs to swallow it, she's out of control with desire to suck it out of him.
0.0 I'm just some guy, I'm replaceable on here.
0.0 This is a public forum, I say point them at each other.