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0.9078 the idea itself is great and i fucking love that chant at 0:37 ! i feel like the piano is a bit loud and the chord seems kinda ..
0.9012 https://soundcloud.com/prodby20/tokyo2808 i had posted this yesterday already but i upped it in mono .... oh well life goes on ;p still would appreciate some feedback on this, thanks guys!
0.8941 i would love to collab with a rapper, either with some of the beats i made or work off of each others vibe, like rapper brings in ideas i bring ideas etc etc. hmu guys :D https://soundcloud.com/20z
0.8747 would love to get some feedback on this :D https://soundcloud.com/consumed/dang-2/s-mt6tQ
0.8625 idk not really into it but thx for the suggestion :D
0.8534 i added slight distortion to the 808, snares and a crash to the 2nd verse but yeah i agree, thanks man!
0.846 i really like this but i would definitely boost those lows a bit more, seems kinda flat to me ;)
0.8374 alright thanks man :D
0.8374 alright thanks bro :D
0.8221 I'll definitely look into it and appreciate the effort you made, thanks!
0.8172 this honestly sounds professional, i love the chill beat and the way you go back and forth!

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-0.7469 I don't wanna sound douchey but English isn't my native language either and I had no problem understanding him?
-0.5983 thats a small criticism though, the rest is seriously dope af !
-0.4666 I know you might have no idea what I'm taking about, but not sure if OP uses ableton
-0.4417 thanks a lot for the suggestions ill try remaking a few beats, i have been kinda stuck with trying to do trap lately ....
-0.4404 where i live the winter season is slowly starting, cold as hell and a lot of storms + fuckloads of coldass rain. wish i could move ;/
-0.4404 dude this is dope as fuck, i love the drum pattern holy shit
-0.332 hey thanks i appreciate it, ill listen through some of kanye's stuff i mean he has really really sick production throughout anyway!
-0.3022 https://m.soundcloud.com/prodby20/whatswrong I would appreciate any feedback on this, it isn't your typical festival style trap though
-0.296 hmm seems as if there's no lowcut on this?
-0.2584 Mostly because I don't just play games on my system...
-0.2411 https://soundcloud.com/consumed/wtf/s-eAqTj little something i just started working on, not sure what to add at this point or how to ..
-0.2263 did everybody forget about it or ?