/u/half-assed-haiku is kind of a dick.

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0.872 Thankfully, the buycott app helps with that I hope this helps.
0.8316 I don't think I'd fuck a 22 year old woman, but I'm at a point in my life where I don't have to fuck every woman who is willing I certainly wouldn't date you at 22.
0.8126 One man army/scavenger and tube was great fun in mw2
0.7753 You shouldn't be ashamed of spending money in what you think is the best way, you own your karma.
0.7684 Aw, not you in particular but younger people in general I'm sure you're a nice lady
0.7184 I sincerely hope someone sabotages their pipelines.
0.6724 People like getting letters It's not weird to get a thank you call, even my doctor's office does it
0.6369 I think only new england Italians worship Columbus, I've never met anyone else who cares
0.6369 Your big farm produce is picked by Mexican kids who help their parents work instead of doing kid stuff like school.
0.6361 I liked the one really cheap combo because it worked really well for one or two things- either clearing out a room or controlling a hallway.
0.6249 What a great guy you are.

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-0.9315 You really are a shitty Devils advocate, and no one is obligated to answer your shitty questions
-0.9169 I also think killing a child is worse than killing an adult.
-0.9001 12 million arrests is proof that cops can't DE escalate for shit If cops would stop arresting people for nothing, we wouldn't have so many people in prison.
-0.8225 Of course he's a coward, he raped a child.
-0.819 Do you really think that a crime against an adult and a crime against a child are the same?
-0.7876 Not some creepy mustache hunting down kids but a weirdo jerking off at home I dunno, the whole thing sucks.
-0.7845 We 5 countries have the death penalty and use it more than anyone else, so civilised countries don't extradite
-0.7717 I don't need to address spam This guy is a weirdo with an obsession, reposting someone's blog.
-0.7351 Yes, raping a child is worse.
-0.7275 More like proven beyond any shadow of a doubt Why are you reading shit that lies to you? http://www.ecases.us/case/ca11/440538/united-states-v-antonio-e-bascaro-patrick-m-waldro
-0.7096 At my house, I boycott all kinds of shit.
-0.6956 It may be small minded of me, but fuck it