/u/haircombsnightmare is kind of a dick.

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0.9442 It requires a bit of a longer trip to get to your workplace, but it's definitely worth the sights and the peace. If you have any other questions, feel free to ask.
0.9405 The typical Argentinean is a jokester who likes to screw people over, but has fun in family. 2- It is true laws and regulations are lesser - but so is safety and protection by the state.
0.8402 Indeed, perhaps you can end up having a good time and it's a great chance to go out and meet new people.
0.7964 I hope for the best for you.
0.7717 I live in Buenos Aires , so if you have any specific questions you'd like to ask me I'll try to answer them as best as I can.
0.765 I recommend you /r/menslib, it's a great subreddit where they discuss these and other issues men face.
0.7226 When it comes to drugs, yeah, they're quite common and not too hard to get, but pretty expensive.
0.631 The Sims 4 improved that with Parenthood, but there are still many details to be added to make it as engaging.
0.6124 They might know a sentence or two, but that's how far you'd get, both in Spain and in Argentina. You will *surely* improve if you go to a spanish speaking country.
0.5994 But that's a beautiful place.
0.5927 Properties are expensive, but earning your wage in dollars you should be better off.

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-0.9079 You enter a porn webpage, the first thing you see are women being fucked in very uncomfortable positions, looking very uncomfortable themselves, in questionable contexts, restrained and denigrated.
-0.8718 I feel very sad for Central America, specially poor islands that were completely wiped off, I feel for Mexico, Florida, and any of the danger zones.
-0.8481 I agree with you in the sense that you can change yourself if that's what you desire, but I would say if you are ridiculed or shamed, you were in fact a victim.
-0.7783 If you're blaming half the world's population about your problems, chances are you're the one with a problem.
-0.6808 Eso no significa que no sepa del caso, o que no pueda opinar lo que se me cante el orto.
-0.6606 It makes me so mad!
-0.6597 But the current industry is fucked up and that needs to be adressed.
-0.6597 Creo que es cancer.
-0.6597 You are likely to be screwed with no consequences, repeatedly, by different companies/people.
-0.631 It's cheap, but dangerous and full of tourists and yuppies.
-0.5719 You profess a lot of hate for women in your comments.
-0.5448 I'm not saying porn shouldn't exist - I like good porn.