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0.9465 I liked how you delved into the positives and negatives, so I'll do my best to reciprocate. I liked the instruments and music, it was really chill and good for grooving out.
0.9442 But I kind of agree about the "EQ"-ness you mentioned, it did sound like the violin and guitars weren't separated cleanly apart. Man, but amazing track though, thanks for sharing
0.9078 this song sounds like it could be awesome once completed! Here is my track: https://soundcloud.com/iamrichard/output79 Please give a listen, thanks!
0.9032 Hilarious haha, i was like "I don't understand what's happening" but then I understood what you were saying during the middle part haha Definitely not familiar at picklebeat at all.
0.9017 It would help a ton if you could give a quick example to help me "hear" your ideas better. Thanks a ton!!!
0.872 I also love listening to others' music, so send me a message if you'd like a friendly listen.
0.8658 Great, I have definitely heard good things about OneNote.
0.8622 Excellent, thanks for your help!
0.861 I listened to "recession", cool track, I really liked the the transitioning at 1:15, that was really rockin And yeah, I'd be interested in a collab.
0.8516 Thanks for listening, and hope you enjoy!
0.85 Sounds really great though, very intricate and interesting.

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-0.722 I am trying to learn both techniques, but they are still difficult for me to understand, let alone "hear" in my head!
-0.5994 Do you know what drummers usually put in the upbeat ? sorry for spamming you haha I'm starting to think i am harassing you.
-0.5574 I think the problem might be the hi-hats that are hitting the upbeats, which might confuse the rhythm?
-0.5423 Hello, this is the Crude Charmers with a new song: **["It's a Holiday", post-punk, indie pop rock]** Down and dirty, DIY style.
-0.5267 but it definitely sounds ominous and melancholy.
-0.5209 The only reason I still do it is because I thought I heard other famous bands do it, to make their music more dance-y Am I wrong for thinking this?
-0.4926 Oh well, scam averted!
-0.4215 About loneliness.
-0.4019 I think a big problem is when the verse first kicks in; it's not engaging/interesting enough.
-0.4019 The only problem I had was that I couldn't tell what the melody was...
-0.383 I was just reading about submitting music to Pandora, and its actually really easy, I could do it myself! Plus, there were tons of typos, which seemed kinda suspicious and a bit unprofessional.
-0.3612 Maybe I'm crazy haha To my untrained ear, I can't pinpoint anything specifically wrong with the violin vs.