/u/guykopsombut is very positive!

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Most Positive Sentences

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0.9735 :D I'm glad it did :D Much love, friend :D
0.9729 Aww, that makes me so happy that you guys share them with each other :D Much love, friends :D
0.9459 If anything, all I'm hoping to create from these comics is not all out laughter, but a small smile on a person's face, a chuckle and a thought of "that's nice." Thanks again for the thoughts :)
0.9175 Aww, thanks, friend :D I'm hoping to work on my typography so that I may incorporate them into the comics.
0.9147 Take in the moment :D It will be a happy memory for you :D
0.9087 I'm glad they are helping you and that you enjoy them :D
0.8941 I wanted to show we are capable of doing great things on our own, too :D
0.8555 Others are created to help people feel warm and fuzzy and help them smile on a hard day.
0.8481 Glad it did, friend :)
0.8402 Dear subscriber, today's smile goal: plan ahead with your loved ones in mind.
0.8356 I love how passionate you are about typography!

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.6476 No worries!
-0.5423 I think when I do feel bad, though, I think back to Mr.
-0.5106 Man, you can really tell he is in pain.
-0.5106 Thinking of others when he himself is in pain.
-0.4939 I guess that's what I try to provide: a small respite in our chaotic world.
-0.4753 Cause if so, then he would reframing his insecurities!
-0.2732 For instance, www.runninmonkey.com has a lot of low, curved letters in the middle.
-0.2481 The anxiety is real!
-0.1027 This may make it hard for customers to remember or type.
0.0 I just listened to this while drinking my morning coffee.
0.0 Some just try to capture a moment between two people.
0.0 Looking back and it makes sense without the dialogue!