/u/guyacrosstheroom1 is very positive!

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Most Positive Sentences

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0.9393 It's going pretty good now :) I hope yours is fantastic so far
0.8481 Thankful to round out my day with seeing you post again :) and, risqu, I like it
0.8439 I think more holidays should be celebrated like this
0.8416 Seeing your posts continues to make my days better :) fairly certain I couldn't deny you a raise looking as you do
0.8316 "Not great" you say as you do a perfect one
0.8225 I would've loved to celebrate with you
0.8214 I would be more than happy to help ;)
0.8214 More than happy to treat you rough ;)
0.8126 I would be happy to do both until you're satisfied ;)
0.7964 I'm thinking id love to get to know you better
0.7783 I'm here to help support you :p

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.6486 Devastating
-0.5531 It's humbling to be so very jealous of a toy....
-0.4659 The outfit helps, but just you makes me want to absolutely wreck you.
-0.4588 People can be irritated over it if it rustles them that much
-0.4574 I need to get injured more often!
-0.357 I have nothing clever here.
-0.3182 I think I'm at a loss for words for this
-0.2023 Not a bad look and one you definitely rock
-0.1091 I wish more women had this problem.
0.0 And I wasn't invited?
0.0 Can't wait until you post more!
0.0 A man can only get so erect