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0.9096 And by people that love freedom more than safety.
0.7003 Funny but maybe if you worked as much as we did, you could afford to eat better.
0.6597 Trump supporters are the kind of people that like it.
0.6369 CA protects its citizens better than any other state.
0.5828 Plus with women getting stronger and fewer of us giving into men and doing things we don't want to do, they don't have as large of a market.
0.5719 Trump loves Apple so we should stand against them.
0.4404 British Columbia earned the nickname Brutish Columbia for a good reason.
0.4404 Thanks for posting that.
0.4404 Trump is trying to associate him with ISIS and thinking people know better.
0.4404 According to Trump supporters, 6,000 years.
0.4019 The needs of the public should override the desire of vengeance.

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-0.891 The jerks in SC on the jury screwed is all over on purpose by demanding he be murdered.
-0.8807 They hate their employees and want them to starve to death.
-0.8445 But euthanasia is less cruel than letting someone with criminal genes and no mother live.
-0.8225 Just working at that horrific and hateful organization will give you PTSD.
-0.8133 Sad to see whites survive because they are so damn wealthy dat itz makes normal people want 2 die.
-0.8042 Please stop making us so angry with that attack on what is correct.
-0.802 Sad to see someone that wasn't involved decided to escalate the level of violence.
-0.7978 Too bad the cops decided to let that happen to this poor kid.
-0.7906 Sad to see Trump trying to start a war.
-0.7783 They are stealing from by refusing to pay their taxes.
-0.7783 Sad to see such hate and intolerance from Comcast.
-0.7579 They did it to punish the poor rather than for financial reasons.