/u/graphicrhyme is a total dick!

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0.8286 LOL you lil fags still play with Lego's lol I'll bet your all virgins
0.7787 What happened to music..why do people like such trash.. if people were somewhat smart they would listen to actual good artists..want some examples?
0.7769 well duh, music was so much better in Mozart's day, now we have retards like Lady Googoo and Justin Fagber and rappers mumbling about fucking their hoes and shooting a nigga..
0.7269 looks pretty good
0.6369 He could've been a first round NBA draft pick. Imagine him on the Cavs..Lebron, Kevin Love, and Foghorn.
0.6249 That would be I say that would be awesome.
0.6166 See..Trump is already making things better.. :D
0.5994 Loved it. Also the scene in the restaraunt, from the same movie.
0.5994 I loved those shows.
0.5859 God help us all.
0.5719 Like yeah I know this is a series..but i think some things are real, his parents are really divorced, etc..

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-0.91 Not everything is FAKE FAKE FAKE.
-0.9081 No, she's fucking trash pop music for teenage girls, and now she's crying about PTSD to boost record sales, stupid talentless bitch
-0.8787 Who the fuck is that and who the fuck cares!!!!!!!??????
-0.8445 All they wanted to do was make youtube videos you fucking assholes.Cody needs to stop being a little bitch too and get rid of those stupid glasses
-0.8442 you fuckin retard kill yourself" by ATHEISTS.
-0.8286 I don't watch CZW a whole lot but I respect them for the crazy shit they do. I felt sorry for Hyde's wife a little though :(
-0.802 When is that retarded fuck going to jump off a building.
-0.7906 Fuck Atheists and fuck this sub.
-0.785 Daddyofive is fuckin awesome..youre all fuckin hating little bitches.
-0.7845 No..Lady Gag Gag and Justin Fagber ruined music.
-0.7783 I'm scared to watch this...does he die?
-0.7506 What the hell was wrong with the original?