/u/gorillageorge is a total dick!

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0.7096 Come get your upvotes for speaking out against progress and intelligence.
0.6808 I will personally actively encourage people not to buy your game.**
0.6808 I will personally actively encourage people not to buy your game.**
0.6486 I'm top percent IQ, my graphics card is far superior to yours, I surf the web where I can read it, and I use the most used resolution on the planet.
0.5994 Congratulations, reddit.
0.5859 How about I don't "press tab a few times and press spacebar" How about I click play game and then play the game?
0.4576 You are most definitely not the only beta homosexual on this website.
0.3182 Why are you actively trying to make this game unplayable? You should be punched in the face.
0.2273 I can't blame the United States government for creating HIV just to deal with you.
0.1027 I didn't say anything when you swapped the attractive inviting icon to the horrendous black circle X logo. This time you've gone too far.
0.0772 Somebody else will give you what you want.

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.8559 Your homosexual bullshit where you tell people they need therapists, you don't like how they talk, trying to destroy the functional posters doesn't apply.
-0.8225 Give me your trolled idiotic bullshit and leave. When a homosexual starts using the trolled comments, you're finished.
-0.7941 Have you ever thought of that? Why are you downvoting me when the launcher is broken and I'm the only one man enough to comment on it in your Reddit shit show?
-0.7783 Many of you will be harassing and assaulting me for being functional.
-0.7778 That is absolutely unacceptable that you destroy people's visibilty who are making the game playable.
-0.7717 Think about why your homosexual fingers are trying to rob me of manhood you don't have, just because I'm fixing a product. Don't come to me crying how somebody gay bashed you.
-0.765 Time for your broken ass to tell me how I should be instead of how I am. You wouldn't EVER fix this game.
-0.743 Therapist, difficult thing to fix , tone horrendous, manners, I'm not the only one man enough?
-0.6597 You still have the entire world to deal with. Why are you harassing and assaulting the people who make the game you play playable?
-0.6573 This is absolutely the worst type of keyboard for gaming.
-0.5859 Let's say your assault against me I didn't expect.
-0.5859 Nobody wants to deal with you grabbing onto them telling them your manners bullshit.