/u/goldsgymrat is very positive!

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Most Positive Sentences

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0.886 The fun playfulness, the smile, the deep sexy naughty side.
0.8846 You are so beautiful and amazing!
0.8807 , do I win best joke?
0.8734 You just are so beautiful and sexy!
0.8632 You are so sexy and perfect!
0.8585 Outstanding beautiful!!
0.8316 Seeing this is going to make me happier for more than an hour I want to frame this and hang it on my wall you are a masterpiece.
0.826 yes they are, and when paired with your lips.....you are dynamite sexy hot!!!
0.8225 I would be happy to add a load to those magnificent breasts and nipples
0.8168 My god you look like heaven!!
0.7974 This is so awesome!!!

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.6808 Ill come anywhere for you, and thats crawling over broken glass covered in lemon juice while naked to get there so what do you want show me?
-0.6679 There is no denying how much you two are into each other!!!
-0.6486 You can use your thighs for other things But your legs are killer
-0.5423 I would hate for you to miss whats important.
-0.4926 Dont worry!
-0.4767 Nothing wrong with that.
-0.4724 Something as simple as this you make sexy as hell!!!
-0.4215 Ill take all the photos
-0.4215 Ill bring the hot coffee and freshly squeezed mango juice.... Your hips and abs are out of this world
-0.4215 Ill eventually make my way down over your mound.
-0.4019 Im still running around trying to find that damn hiking trail
-0.4019 Sorry didnt realize my phone messed up the statement.