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0.8201 SE 15th & Grand is a pretty industrial area, but you're not too far from some fun areas to live.
0.8126 Taqueria La Original is also pretty good.
0.8074 They've done some pretty complicated things for me and it's always turned out great.
0.7902 I really enjoyed Ann Leckie's Ancillary Justice series.
0.785 You're right that the US wouldn't suddenly drop our military spending down to 2%, but our allies having a stronger military would certainly be a stimulous to reduce military spending.
0.7845 And the Drabblecast did a fantastic audio version of it that's free: http://www.drabblecast.org/2014/08/11/drabblecast-b-sides-50-colour-space/
0.7684 The O Bar in the Ambassador hotel is expensive, but has awesome views of downtown, especially when a storm is coming in.
0.7445 I'm not sure what your budget is, but I love the Paseo area and the Plaza.
0.7096 Most folks don't realize that they deliver, but it's fantastic.
0.6996 That way you can pant between your perennials in the early years before they fill in. I hope that helps!
0.6996 I hope that helps!

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-0.6113 It was so sad when Treebeard started taking methamphetamines.
-0.296 There is no way Germany would have let Italy claim a Germanic state.
-0.1027 I found a lot of the old authors mentioned so far are bit stuffy, and hard to get into.
-0.0478 Somebody really loves War Movies.
0.0 Not to mention the fact that it reduce the rest of NATO's reliance on America if we were to suddenly have a pro-Russian president...
0.0 http://www.thesandwichclubokc.com/
0.0 If you're digging Japanese jazz you need to check out Ryo Fukui.
0.0 His album Scenery is incredible.
0.0 That was my thought.
0.0 You mentioned reading the Ender's saga and Orson Scott Card's [Shadow of the Giant] deals with a lot of those themes.
0.0 If Slovakia is not Slovenia, then what is Slovenia?