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0.9411 Finding a person that you like to listen to, disregarding if the topic isn't your thing, is the bomb :) So stay strong. Also, NoFap usually helps with the social part.
0.9342 But oh man, it's so worth it! I hope this helps you at least in some way, only my thoughts on it:) Good luck!
0.9342 But oh man, it's so worth it! I hope this helps you at least in some way, only my thoughts on it:) Good luck!
0.9274 Starts of a bit slow, but if you give it some love, it will love you riiight back.
0.9209 I mean his 30% special is of course awesome, but 2x gemmed Kidds with Urouges 1.5x boost and Kakus gem boost does a loot of dmg as well. Any thoughts?
0.9158 You have great number of friends in the same spot, cheering you on as you go. You are not alone!
0.897 Yeah, I've been wanting it so badly these days, but just that thought has kept me from actually relapsing instead of just edging slightly :) Stay strong, and good job!
0.8832 For me. Praying. Staying away from the computer at nights. Working out. Hanging out with friends. But the most important. Just don't do it. It's a battle of will strength aswell :)
0.8779 I recently restarted my effort after a long break from here, and posts like this makes me super happy.
0.8741 Thanks! But I still try to get the dopamine rush! But I will think more about it! Thanks! Will send you a reply tomorrow, after not having a day of edging :)
0.8698 Good on ya man! I respect that! I really do! No harm in being physical :) just let her set the terms! Good luck with her!

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-0.8458 You may feel like a king due to the dopamine rush, but you'll regret it so bad afterwards.
-0.7572 Yeah. I'm not really having a hard time holding myself back yet. The effect Porn has on everyone just makes me pissed. How a whole generation is addicted to something so broken.
-0.7098 But I'm depressed as shit.. I feel sick In my gut from stress, and I can't relax. Used to fap to get rid of it, but now I don't, obviously.
-0.6486 REMEMBER: There is no shame in this.
-0.6486 There is no shame in this.
-0.6402 So much fun discussing how to proceed in a fight, and the fighting never gets to easy or boring.
-0.5848 And even if you fail, there is always the next day!
-0.5719 For me, I hate being a part that feeds the big machine porn has become.
-0.5719 I hate porn.
-0.5267 In my case, I have to force my mind not to constantly think about relapsing, no touching, no edging.
-0.5106 It's so devaluating to our women that it makes me sick.
-0.5106 One of them confronded me after I failed to delete my browser history.