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0.8625 any chance for a pose like this: https://i.imgur.com/EMZpbsh.jpg It would show off that big booty nicely =)
0.8126 One of the best asian asses I've seen =)
0.8126 Would love to see the booty too =)
0.8126 love to see some new pics, instead of reposts =)
0.743 enlighten me haha
0.7178 like i said, a very relaxed grip style
0.6988 would love to see that big booty bounce!!
0.6885 Fucking amazing!!
0.6786 coming from the G500, the G502 felt like it needed a claw grip, so i'm hoping the basilisk is more palm
0.6697 woowww fucking love it.
0.6696 would love to see more videos!

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-0.7339 fucking hell, this!
-0.6597 any where we can also hear her getting fucked by both?
-0.5913 The left side of the mouse rocks, but the right side just goes straight down and totally kills the mouse for me.
-0.5859 dunno, just stopped posting :(
-0.5859 much more narrower and they chopped off random bits of the shell to make it into some hybrid claw bullshit
-0.5848 goddammnnn that ass!
-0.5848 hot as fuck!
-0.5542 She just barely posted any pics at all though so it's hard to tell :(
-0.5423 do you have more bikini pics of her ass?
-0.5423 i wanted to see her fuck Dredd
-0.5423 too bad the cape covers her butt.
-0.5423 pics of her ass?