/u/givescompliments is very positive!

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0.8885 You definitely piqued my interest with the photos; thanks for sharing.
0.8777 I too was in asheville this weekend! thanks for sharing the great pic.
0.8316 you seem to be an excellent cook with great taste
0.8074 you seem to have a great drive succeed.
0.7942 that is an excellent prank to play on someone. I wonder how many people wouldn't even be bothered by the switch.
0.7902 that was very nice of you to take him in; beautiful looking dog.
0.7684 I tend to go with brisket/shoulder but the occasional rib cookout is awesome.
0.7579 great prank to play with the motor vehicle office.
0.7579 Thanks for that laugh.
0.7579 great job solving the puzzle.
0.743 hopefully you can achieve happiness.

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.1761 That was an exceptionally hard test to pass.
-0.0516 That was a pretty devious way to exact revenge.
0.0 The 3 things you need to know is: 1: Make Workers 2: Remember to make Depots, Pylons, Overlords 3.
0.0 Use A + left click to move your army, not right click.
0.0 It also can't be above 76 degrees.
0.0 What model potato did you take the picture with?
0.0516 I require a fan and a blanket no matter the temperature.
0.25 That is an excellent picture of a car crash.
0.3384 you expressed your opinion very well.
0.3612 Thank you for using the NSFL instead of the NSFW tag.
0.4019 your comment definitely made my day.
0.4019 hopefully it works out in the end.