/u/gerchoc44 is very positive!

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22Overall Score
35Positive Score
7Negative Score
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Most Positive Sentences

Score Sentence
0.8356 The best kind!
0.8213 IM SUPER NICE!!!
0.7906 That is a lovely body and a pretty pussy.
0.765 Great smile.
0.7184 Lucky friend.
0.7003 You look like fun
0.6884 Youre lovely!!!
0.6696 Love your furry mound!
0.6588 What a great body!
0.6588 Great bush!
0.6486 Nice smile

Most Negative Sentences

Score Sentence
-0.6908 Girl, you kill it.
-0.5848 That ass! Do you have any cameltoe going on in the front?
-0.5848 Gotta show your ass on hump day!
-0.5574 That mound, holy shit.
-0.5574 I want to lick that pussy, then fuck it hard.
-0.5502 So, uh, can we fool around in the back seat of your midsize luxury crossover?!?
-0.5423 That ass is the 9th wonder.
-0.5423 Beat the fuck up.
-0.4574 What a body, hot damn!
-0.4574 Hot diggity damn!
-0.4359 Oh fuck yeah!!! I want to twirl my fingers in it.
0.0 I would lick that bushy mound until my tongue cramped.