/u/georg_schmo is very positive!

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0.9483 I am not saying it's bullying or mockery but IMO at some point if people joke about you over and over again it will get to you - but you wanted an example and this is the best one IMO :D
0.9245 Ok nice (: good luck with that !
0.9001 Good luck hope you get it working (:
0.8832 You seem like an honest guy who puts a lot of love and work into his tweaks!
0.8687 As weird as it sounds maybe it is because he is playing against NiP who kicked him and he wants a good performance to get his "revenge" - sure hope he will keep his cool on overpass!
0.8553 FaZe played C9 4times now on Mirage - all 4 times FaZe won and 3 went to OT - always amazing to watch these two play but please FaZe don't make it so close from now on and get to that Major!
0.836 The best feeling IMO is hitting a few bhops (:
0.8316 That was the best plot twist ever hahaha
0.8218 Very true - even smithZz played on another level and if the rumors are true this was his last major as a player
0.8126 Hey it's me your best friend
0.8123 Everytime I see these posts I want to know how your streets look so nice (: what mod does this?

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-0.8625 Could have beaten VP and north but they made some dumb mistakes ...
-0.8402 Never mind the french shuffle - if astralis manage to choke this now against liquid you can expect a mass suicide followed by the danish shuffle
-0.8271 This is brutal holy shit
-0.7964 This was a battle of mistakes and chokes
-0.7783 They said a new album was coming 2017 but diplo and skirllex are beefing and sadly put the Jack project to rest :/
-0.6705 Next update: + added killfeed icon for getting run over by cars + new hit by car sound + fixes a bug where it would show suicide icon when getting run over by a car
-0.6696 FaZe need this pistol so bad and the same T start as on Train
-0.5848 fuck soundcloud pro!
-0.5847 Hoping rain has one of his crazy train matches - I want to see a 3rd map so bad
-0.5423 KARRiGAN source of the semifinals curse confirmed
-0.5411 I deleted all of the related files and installed a fresh/vanilla copy and I still have the error no mods or assets!
-0.4404 Just woke up - that's how I feel :(