/u/genitalcarpark is kind of a dick.

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0.816 Little coffins are so cute they make me laugh
0.8049 Yes, it's ok, don't be ashamed you have nothing to contribute and for you to admit that you're a baby.
0.802 He wanted to be a hero but could have been an even bigger hero if he just waited
0.7845 They are the feminist icons of how to best treat people
0.7572 but surely more unbelievable things have actually happened
0.7452 Celebrate our differences, don't fear them
0.7269 If our society in the west were as peaceful, progressive and equal as these Muslim are the world would be such a better place.
0.7003 Something men are generally better at, there will be women who are still better than most men in those things and vice versa.
0.7003 Men are better at some things, women are better at some things.
0.6954 Liberals have brought the country to the point where free speech is absolutely threatened because they're so precious and fragile that a different opinion is too much for them to deal with.
0.6908 And yes I am a minority, feeling like a bigot now huh?

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-0.9314 Shame on your pathetic sexist life you non contributing asshole waste of space fucking straight white male douche racist sexist homophobe.
-0.9246 Cultural appropriationist racist fucker singing that song deserves public lashings for his racism.
-0.9196 'its ok to be sexist, racist, rape, be violent towards women and children as long as youre not a straight white male maaaaaaaaaaan.'
-0.886 Fuck you worthless whores
-0.8738 Dumb, fat, arrogant, pretentious and once again for clarity, FUCKING STUPID.
-0.8591 And that rape and sexual assault can be a man just looking at a woman.
-0.8578 Stupid fucking sjw liberal criminal feminist loving hater shut the fuck up
-0.836 Racist fuckers thinking that just cause a guy is white that he deserves to be glossed over
-0.8343 any fucking retard that thinks this religion shouldn't be criticised and lampooned and looked down upon like the kiddy fucker cult of Christianity is just retarded.
-0.802 I guess you're one of those sjw fags that buy into the feminist crap that 1 in 4 women are raped in college.
-0.8016 It signals totally horrible filmmaking which it's horribleness bleeds into other pets of the film
-0.7964 Everyone else is stupid, bigoted and moronic compared to them