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0.8955 Geno from Super mario RPG! He could have a lot of interesting moves, and it would let them sell Super Mario RPG on the Virtual console with a decent amount of sales.
0.8932 Wow, this is super interesting! Now I wanna be an explosions expert.
0.891 I'm super excited, I like that they made his voidlings easier to dish out.
0.8901 shes random 2 of course but i want 2 meet more random ppl =) like they say the more the merrier!!!!
0.886 I'm pretty excited, I hope they do a good job with him.
0.872 Armor packs and playing a game of "protect the turret" sounds pretty fun to me.
0.8497 I've always thought that having my nose on one of my hands would be so awesome for this specific reason. I'm glad I'm not the only one who thought of this.
0.7902 wow he's actually really good at that.
0.7845 I like how it starts pretty ok, then just goes downhill from there.
0.7841 Man, that sounds like it was a really awesome RP session.
0.7783 I haven't heard any of those slang words before but still understood you perfectly, dunno why so many other people didn't get it.

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-0.8442 nah, I think that if he said that people would've still been outraged, his apology would've been seen as a poor excuse and people would have still felt lied to with their advertising.
-0.6808 OP mentioned somewhere else that he put "ELO hell" in quotes because that's just what other people call it, and that he doesn't really think it's a thing.
-0.6542 idk if they fixed this or not, but mario rpg: legend of the seven stars had a few terrible slowdowns on random points that weren't present in other emulators.
-0.5994 If you haven't taken a side (or maybe it's finish the civil war?
-0.5423 too bad you probably can't drive in that much water still.
-0.5106 Yes, but this might be the wrong sub to ask.
-0.4767 I think you might have commented on the wrong thread or something
-0.3818 If we bash Moba's now, that's already making people upset, and will make this community more toxic later.
-0.3612 I just do a mix between scratching my head and waving whenever I'm in doubt, usually works out.
-0.3182 I first read that as "bein shape anywhere" and was confused.
-0.1779 I often vote for whoever killed me the most, for instance, or someone who did a risky play to save me.
-0.1779 It's probably a weird bug that blizz will have to fix.