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0.9292 Aah it's so cute, I love the style and the video is awesome!
0.9259 Wow I love it, I love your style!
0.923 wow this is gorgeous, I love it!
0.9169 Wow these photos are beautiful, I love the colors especially
0.8977 It would be great to have a penpal that I could send doodles and stickers too, and one where awesome stories could be shared!
0.8714 You did a great job, thank you so much :)
0.8671 Short and simple but surprising, I love it!
0.8626 That looks so great, thank you!!
0.854 Oh my gosh I love this, it's so cute!
0.8478 Wow, you look great now!
0.8439 Wow you're gorgeous, especially with those eyes!

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-0.836 I know how this feels, as I suffer with anxiety and I have gone through depression before.
-0.795 I've had times where I have cried every night wondering why I was born with this anxiety that is destroying my life.
-0.765 Would you say that the surgery helped with the pain or did/do you still experience pain after the surgery?
-0.6652 I'm a junior but I have to take sophomore english because I failed it then.
-0.6214 I'm so sorry :'(
-0.609 Besides the risk involved in this, do you really believe that setting up someone for your son, who wouldn't truly love him back, would actually be good for him?
-0.3804 Social anxiety disorder has definitely greatly affected my life for years.
-0.2732 What may seem like a simple task for most people will bring me crippling worry and anxiety in social situations.
-0.2023 I currently have Scheuermann's kyphosis and scoliosis and it does give me a lot of pain, so I've always been trying to figure out if surgery actually would help with pain relief.
-0.1779 Yes, social anxiety disorder.
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