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0.9463 Our chi mix is such an incredibly easy and loving dog - much lower maintenance than our collie, honestly - that I have to remember not everyone gets so lucky with rescue dogs.
0.8955 Much appreciated, and best of luck with selling!
0.8591 It was definitely worth it for us because she's such a sweet and easy dog.
0.8555 But the summers are glorious and the city is surrounded by lakes and the food and beer scene is incredible, and if you live downtown or on the near East side, it's a walker's/biker's paradise.
0.7845 Furbabies can be super therapeutic :) Anyway, just wanted to suggest checking with your landlord about watching dogs for the short term.
0.7684 What I had in mind but great to know I'm on the right track.
0.765 Thanks, this makes perfect sense.
0.7369 Then we visited a friend living in Tacoma and fell sorta in love with it, really, and ended up buying a house two blocks from 6th Ave this spring.
0.7345 Good luck!
0.6908 I do understand that getting a dog from a breeder is one way to also get a sweet chi, and hopefully without the knee issues.
0.6808 Either way, just be prepared to act quickly and commit to the first place you like.

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-0.25 Most abundant housing options seem to be the newer high-rise buildings rather than stand alone single family homes.
-0.1381 My husband and I moved to Seattle last summer from the Midwest, and we loved Seattle but didn't particularly like living there for all the reasons already mentioned - traffic, high rent, etc.
0.0 Trader Joe's is selling these now!
0.0 In a little hanging globe and everything.
0.0 I second Compass Rose in Proctor!
0.0 There's one in south Tacoma near the mall.
0.0 Hi OP, can I ask what property management company you're using, and what your experience has been?
0.0 I think my husband and I will be in a similar situation within the next 1-2 years ...
0.0 bought a house near 6th Ave this summer and will likely be needing to move out of state for work earlier than expected.
0.0 We're in the very early stages of figuring out logistics of renting.
0.0 I'm a female grad student who occasionally babysits around my neighborhood for extra cash.
0.0 10+ years of childcare experience and CPR certified.