/u/futurekorps is kind of a dick.

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0.9291 some are solid but the best of the best, vara, is not so much better than cards like icaria even in decks build around it.
0.8924 You'll always be better off running a card that can help you win than a card that can make you maybe not lose sometimes.
0.7579 But they do help you win.
0.7574 the "terrible" cards can be replayed easily and end up giving you more value for the slot than ayan. i will try silverwing, the aegis may make the difference.
0.7177 wish me luck in Vienna next week!
0.6901 3) peppers need some really good aireation, personally i would recommend to use dutch buckets instead of a dwc.
0.6808 best case scenario you discard it on turn 2 with quarry and you get it back in turn 3-13 instead of picking it with quarry and play it on turn 4.
0.6623 It is not a fair comparison. That's my point, creature removal is more useful because, overall, creatures are more useful.
0.6597 good thing i don't have one, my face would look like japanese porn with that filter.
0.6059 It a fun card, but it needs overwhelm or something to make it good.
0.5927 never used it, but seeing that their web includes the dossages for vegetables, fruit trees, tomatos, etc i guess it is safe.

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-0.9559 7 health means that not only does torch blank, but obliterate also fails to kill it, and even predatory carnosaur--a unit that costs 1 more, can't even bring Tavrod down.
-0.8144 There are already tons of creatures that will never see play because of removal and a big test for creatures will always be, "Does it die to Torch?" i am criticizing versatile removal.
-0.7906 Devour, furnace mage, ruin, combust, altar, the 3/3 dog, the 5/5 dog, grenade, 7/7 dragon, the other sacrifice a creature to deal 5 damage card and kalis.
-0.743 No one ran four ruins to deal with Obelisk, Chalice or Plate, no one ever will.
-0.7101 They both are clearly worse without their functionality vs relics. Worse without or better with?
-0.7003 El mono sin diente seguramente se tiene confianza para agarrar las minas que agarra pero tmb le gustaria algo mejor, pero no puede... y quien lo mando a competir?
-0.6696 You can't just say "ruin is bad" just because most relics are crap, you are talking about a single mana fast spell that can remove any relic, weapon and even curses.
-0.6486 bronze killer.
-0.6249 discard aid of the hooru/decimate/channel or even witching hour, attack with a westwind herald.
-0.6177 i disagree, let me explain why: relics and relic hate were not the problem to begin with.
-0.5859 They stop you from losing.
-0.5859 that's not a fact at all, during the invitational ruin was more represented than furnace mage.