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0.9514 Love this, I'm hoping for lots more episodes. Also more Let's Plays! And podcasts, loved those. The blog reviews and simple impressions are cool too... More SS&SD EVERYTHING!
0.9359 Getting those hazardous materials out before they explode is super useful. I could pretty much list every role, they're remarkably well balanced and are almost all useful.
0.9325 Turns out it's a super fun little solo deck-builder, with interesting mechanics and a great theme.
0.9304 It does make it pretty re-playable, since each game you are going after very different types of building to maximize points. TTR and Catan are both awesome, so great choices there!
0.9169 Super cute, fun to move around, and the charm of the game immediately shines through.
0.9081 Friendly people, great info and an overall great community.
0.9052 I feel like some depth is possible, but usually the easy laughs come up and I'm left wishing for a deeper game.
0.8948 It's a really non-intimidating game, it looks like a roll-and-move style game so people are comfortable with it, and I got some non-gamers to play and have fun together.
0.8947 Teksavvy is great, I've always gotten really good and friendly service, and the plans are fast and have really high caps.
0.886 I love it, the book should feel like a personal creation, and the typo helps that.
0.8837 Plus I would LOVE to play TI sometime, so it's a smart idea, right?

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-0.6486 The Walking Dead: the Board Game.
-0.6133 Hitting Manus with arrows from outside the fog door until he was almost dead, then crossing over and hitting him once to finish the job.
-0.5994 No problem.
-0.5706 I think it comes down to what you are looking for in a game if you like their reviews or not, but what's awesome is the different perspective they provide.
-0.5574 Star Wars: the Card Game
-0.5448 If it's not interesting, I just won't want to play it.
-0.5207 Just wasn't sure if I was crazy or it actually makes a difference.
-0.4619 I personally don't sleeve, I like that cards get slightly worn after use.
-0.4228 In this case the mobile app is almost worse, since I don't see what's happening so don't understand the rule.
-0.4215 Empires took a while but I had no issues punching it out.
-0.4215 Spent 70 plus tax on VivaJava, and it's probably one of the purchases I regret most.
-0.4005 The longer it goes the more tense I get...