/u/fusion_ is kind of a dick.

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0.8701 You more or less had to play with others to progress in any meaningful way and it brought a lot of camaraderie and enjoyment. New games just don't do this for me.
0.7469 Maybe not so much in call of duty but in games like dota it is certainly the case.
0.7184 Its perfectly fine as a replacement to the task manager at stock settings.
0.7003 Infantry was an amazing game and supplemented my decision to pay to play everquest for 3+ years.
0.7003 Good job bioware, Hope your company crashes and burns over dragon age 3 and this garbage. [P.S.
0.6486 I'm done giving them any more money barring them buying out some smaller studio who actually made a good game.
0.6486 Specifically: gear restrictions like in everquest/vanguard, lol what.
0.6369 There is still a huge conspiracy about whether it really exists or not but whatever 20 bucks for the potential amazement of the oldschool rpg world.
0.6369 I hope they keep the map as an optional graphic choice though, would be cool to toggle -spooky.
0.6249 Back in the day you had vastly different experiences, meridian 59,everquest, ultima online and asherons call all offered vastly different experiences and it was great.
0.6124 Me and a few friends cannot see that stun circle at all, its straight up invisible 98% of the time.

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-0.949 I don't care about a game being stereotypical nor do I care about people telling me I'm a dumb bitch nigger on xbox.
-0.91 The only time I have ever been yelled at or called bad was when I took the command chair and royally fucked shit up every way possible.
-0.9072 Nothing to do. World vs world isn't fun. Leveling is already beyond horrible obnoxious repetition. I respect arenanet for trying to change things up but the game is dull as fuck.
-0.8979 Goddamn enchantresses face is still horrifyingly bad.
-0.891 Fuck that skin and fuck riot for not changing it.
-0.8841 Numerous people would ragequit disconnect and force everyone to lose their items because they were upset with how the game went and wanted to spite everyone and did not care for their quas essence.
-0.8779 Lol at all the people assuming this person never tried to get him to stop and just jumped to some vengeful act willynilly. Holy shit reddit you are disgusting and pathetic.
-0.8665 So people want to try and believe in anything to prevent this shit. And then you get stupid shit like those stories.
-0.8271 As someone who had their steam account banned and had to go through a month of back and forth ridiculously to get it unbanned I feel your pain.
-0.7906 Its terrible and truly sad how badly its affected others.
-0.7759 Because apparently blocking people from accessing the entire site when banned makes sense especially when it blocks their account information/payment system.
-0.7574 I have been a long time follower of clakes bullshit through rpg codex and other outlets, they guy is completely fucking insane and that is all the more reason I want his game.