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0.9217 Spend time with people who DO care about you and DO treat you with respect and love.
0.9194 It's tough but you don't need people saying things like that to you in a place where you're supposed to be loved and cared for.
0.91 But building a stable and happy relationship with them that could support a child creates a safer space for sexual activity than just frolicking about and doing whoever is hottest.
0.8779 Also, I love hiking so the hike up to the mountain is incredible as well as the hike up Wyana Picchu is amazing too.
0.836 Ok I have tickets to The Great Comet and Dear Evan Hansen.
0.8338 It may seem extreme, but being 'ok and fairly happy' is different from being totally over the person.
0.8268 It's my happiest and most peaceful memory.
0.8268 I cannot believe I totally forgot about Waitress, a friend gave me the album and I love it!
0.8203 Me too, it's so beautiful and soothing
0.8196 His little teeth are so precious, he was lucky to have you.
0.8166 Relationships can be so much more reciprocal, loving, and fun than this at the end of the day.

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-0.8598 The trip was in between college and diving into the 'real world' so I had no worries, no stress whatsoever.
-0.8126 I know so many people who make more than a living wage but are still broke and struggling to make ends meet because they indulge in things that are really unnecessary.
-0.7728 That movie made me cry so freaking much
-0.6705 Someone who desperately wants to have a family and raise children probably shouldn't marry someone who hates kids and never wants them around.
-0.624 I hope you got out, no one should be stuck in that kind of hostility.
-0.5423 The theme that is now showing up is that alcohol makes people do strange and illegal things...how am I surprised by this?
-0.5267 That stinks :/
-0.4588 I'm awful in the kitchen.
-0.4404 Of course she's tired, the lioness is BOSS
-0.4391 I'm so sorry for your loss.
-0.3818 However, you describe your relationship as fragile and I understand what you're afraid of losing.
-0.34 Sitting by a fire in a cafe in the middle of nowhere Scotland.