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0.871 it kinda looks like it, but I have a transparent keyboard cover on that isn't quite lined up this photo is more clear :) https://i.imgur.com/B7z9LZB.jpg
0.8555 stunning and nip slips for the win :)
0.8428 I prefer normal vaginal penetration :) After a few years of physical therapy I've learned to better control my pelvic floor muscles so I can gradually relax them when they automatically clench.
0.836 thanks :) just me and my iphone 5 haha
0.8047 but i do like to think there's more to a person than just that :)
0.802 i'll do my best :)
0.802 I'm working in a synthetic biology lab :) I'm interested in robotics, so my goal would be to combine CS and BE in something like medical prosthetics or aerospace engineering.
0.7717 Happy Canadian Thanksgiving / Columbus Day / Indigenous People's Day :)
0.765 happy cakeday girl <3 [i've got some ideas if you've got some time]
0.7591 haha, i'm not that evil.
0.7351 great, I'm a bit rusty on fluid dynamics

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-0.6908 It still happens when I orgasm though, sometimes it gets so tight my partner tells me his dick goes numb
-0.5267 no no, that's my job
-0.5106 might need to seek dick *
-0.4973 i'm flatted, but i've never tried squatting :)
-0.4404 exercise :(
-0.4364 As a double BE and CS major, I'm very into masochism
-0.4019 damn autocorrect
-0.4019 damn this society
-0.3612 it's difficult and wrecks me daily
-0.34 i despise debugging tho
-0.3384 i'm actually also an incredibly dorky person
-0.2411 i'm not sure either