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0.9509 Kind of wish I had a shield so I didn't have to dodge so much. Overall, the game is pretty fun, and at the price of free, it is easy to recommend.
0.9247 I was more than a little disappointed that Summer Lesson was a PSVR exclusive, but if this is half as good as I hope it is, I'll be very happy.
0.8957 Some dances I love like Renai Circulation and Platinum Disco were added, which is great.
0.875 I love how Bigscreen just keeps getting better and better.
0.8689 Not a big fan of spats personally, but aside from that, it was pretty good.
0.8519 The first time I saw gameplay footage of Gal Gun, my first thought was how great a game like that would work in VR, so this is great news.
0.821 I can't say I'm a huge fan of the appearance of the avatars, but it seems like they've done their research on what works well for VR and what doesn't, so I'll give them a chance.
0.8196 It's an interesting concept though, so I hope it does well.
0.8181 I love Zelda games though, so I certainly can't see that as a bad thing. Anyway, I'm really enjoying it.
0.8126 Love the anime inspired art style.
0.8074 Like any other type of VR game, they will get better and better as developers become more familiar with VR development.

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-0.9162 I am so sick and tired of the amount of anti Oculus bullshit on the internet.
-0.7283 He looked and sounded so terrified.
-0.6808 Hell, I couldn't even handle being in a cage, with a shark swimming around me, in Ocean Rift.
-0.5423 I quickly took a couple steps backwards and fell on my ass.
-0.4215 Current gen VR certainly has it's issues, such as low FOV and resolution, but being skeptical of VR itself baffles me.
-0.3818 This was advertised as a "Virtual Reality girlfriend experience", so I was hoping I would bond with her and get to know her a little bit more before I fucked her.
-0.3818 I've been thinking about buying Smashing The Battle for a while.
-0.34 I'm really looking forward to the "shoot function" being added.
-0.34 It's crazy just how Zelda-ish this game is.
-0.34 The combat is decent, I guess.
-0.3182 If people have to go to Steam for room-scale games, that is lost sales for Oculus.
-0.3182 That's what confused me.