/u/freepandora is kind of a dick.

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0.875 Self exploration is great for knowing what you like and not like.
0.745 Some movies you watch so much they no longer are that funny but not Kung Fu Hustle.
0.6908 I am honestly happy being alone.
0.6808 Good party?
0.6786 Knowing what you like in bed is oh so much easier.
0.6705 Okay you can be my hero now.
0.6369 Then again I just love to travel so it may be because of that.
0.6359 Yeah especially since many of the planets are so huge
0.6249 I do approve of spending money on an awesome honeymoon though.
0.6249 Such a great way to live.
0.5983 I am not kidding, I have no trust in men or their motivations.

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-0.9545 As long as you put the burden of preventing rape on the victims, rape will continue to be a big problem.
-0.9382 When I get mad at someone they get the Wicked Witch of the west theme song until I am no longer pissed. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a0QFaro0JFU
-0.875 Some rapists rape because society says it is the woman's responsibility.
-0.8225 That voice has been my worst enemy.
-0.8151 We should focus on how to portray rape, not as permissible or a joke or a fact of life but as a serious crime perpetrated by scumbags.
-0.8047 Not the criminals but the victim and her supposed mistakes.
-0.802 Take away that thinking and you may just prevent not all but some rapes.
-0.7783 From age 15-20 I was broken by depression.
-0.765 Hugo is a dick but his reasons for hating Bob are understandable.
-0.7435 I wanted to die and thought it would never get better.
-0.7351 Ew anyone who refers to themselves as an alpha is just an insecure over compensating loser.
-0.7149 How do you think they feel if you say these things around them?Would you say these things to your mother or daughter if she told you she was raped?