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0.9273 A new blog post will be released in the weekend :) And thanks for suggesting the title of one of the posts: "20 tips to wet shave like a real man" sound really good :)
0.9201 For the shameless plug department, here's a site I've made that you might find useful: [razorbladesclub.com] Good luck and happy Easter to you too :)
0.9022 It will be pleasure to be of help and hopefully we'll always meet your expectations :)
0.902 We have just started a new website and I believe your tool would be useful to do start dipping our toes into SEO :) Good luck!
0.902 Also, try to get some physical products, like stuff guys want and that are expensive but that you can offer at a lower price Keep up the good work and good luck!
0.8957 I truly wish you and your startup to succeed :)
0.8934 Thanks, thanks, thanks :)
0.8934 It's just been taken care of :) Tomorrow they will fly to the place they belong :) Thank you very much again and let me know if you have any feedback.
0.8885 And congrats on your portfolio, you have some great work there :)
0.8852 You are way more awesome :) The Russian platinums will be shipped in a few hours and hopefully will get there earlier than the 10 working days.
0.85 We do our best to keep costs as low as possible. We actually loose a bit on the shipping rate but it's for everyone's good :)

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-0.8074 My worst fear would be that we become accustomed to it.
-0.7783 Way more startups have been killed by procrastination and lack of dedication than by the competition.
-0.5867 From what I can see it's mostly Chinese tea and unfortunately China does not have a good reputation when it comes to food control.
-0.4767 and it truly makes me sad considering the number of "young years" wasted on them.
-0.4215 You would probably need to find more targeted customers and then stress out the quality of the tea you are importing.
-0.4186 Come on, they take absolutely no space!
-0.4159 Anyway, it might sound funny, but I think the logo violates so many principles of design that, I'm sure, people will not forget it :) Regarding the position, where would you put it?
-0.4096 I really want this :) Actually I had worked on practically the same idea some years ago, but failed to get traction.
-0.4019 I fixed the problems you mention.
-0.3818 As an example the prices for 20, 40 or 80 KAI are among the lowest in the world.
-0.3818 In Italy it is expected to introduce yourself and occasionally spend 10-20 minutes gossiping about neighbors or talking about the most disparate things.
-0.34 Neurotic, social asperger people.