/u/fpyfuntime is very positive!

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Most Positive Sentences

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0.9522 That lingerie looks astonishingly sexy on you, it compliments your natural beauty quite well :)
0.9324 11/10 sexy and you should love your bod and I know that I'd love to see more ;)
0.9181 Of course I will, you're entirely too sexy and magnificent to even think about passing up an opportunity to please you!
0.9169 I'd love to hear the noises that you make whole my tongue dances down your amazing body and across your magnificent clit
0.9151 Love that your breast is in the pic as well ;) I hope you find someone to play with!
0.9131 Thank you for making my insomnia more enjoyable :) Your outfits do a wonderful job of accenting your inciting body
0.9042 I love how confident you are because your body is amazing.
0.9001 I have an idea of something that might look better on top of your insanely sexy and beautiful breasts...
0.8946 Hopefully you have something better than that fruit for your night ;) If not, carry on teasing all of us :D
0.8934 The bubbles are great and all, but I'm confident we can improve
0.891 Love that insanely sexy outfit on an even sexier person :)

Most Negative Sentences

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-0.7003 I'm dying to help but I suspect I'm too far away :(
-0.6597 You're killing it in that outfit too.
-0.6486 It's a shame that no one is doing exactly that
-0.6249 Then just tell me how you want to be fucked
-0.5848 Your breasts are so enchanting that I'd fuck you, and do anything else you wanted in addition!
-0.5848 Those panties make your ass look so, so incredibly hot!
-0.5499 I'd ask if you're getting enough protein, but your killer body makes it clear that you are.
-0.5106 I'm ready to ride, your ass is demanding to be taken and taken hard.
-0.3595 10/10 sexy as hell!
-0.347 I never realized I could be so jealous of a footrest, but I am.
-0.34 I'm developing an obsession with you in lingerie...
-0.2732 I'm just jealous that you're sitting on that dolphin ;)