/u/forwardrewind is very positive!

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0.875 What is happening in the comments is really making me feel better about my current situation in life and I hope only the best for you and your family.
0.872 Ay good luck to ya, hope all turns out well
0.8707 On reddit, especially on subs like this, it is my priority to help others out and make them feel great!
0.8687 Super fucking dope and wearable, I'm sure she is/is going to be ecstatic!
0.8591 lol And I love your shoes that you just bought, I am currently thinking about IDing my own pair and I was wondering how they fit [size wise] and how comfy the are?
0.8555 While the return of typical California weather was nice for the Super Bowl, I'd appreciate some more rain before we hit another dry spell.
0.8481 Thanks for creating such incredible pieces and keep up the awesome work.
0.8442 Love your ability to make a lot from not too many pieces, shows a lot of creativity.
0.8439 http://sneakernews.com/2013/02/11/nike-free-trainer-5-0-tb/ Good luck and I hope you find them!
0.8201 The fact that it is from Lacoste surprised me, but it was a pleasant surprise.
0.8126 Overall, I am pretty excited and satisfied.

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-0.6924 Also your photography is some of my favorite that I've really ever seen regarding fashion n shit, so mad props.
-0.6486 Infrared Mid 1s are killer.
-0.5994 Nah the mirror is there, notice the giant ass random line near the table on the right side
-0.5574 Just copped Drake tickets, if I get the olive shirt I'll wear it to the show because it'll go with grungy concert shit and it is just flames anyways.
-0.5423 Not bad at all.
-0.5267 I'm wearing my black pair rn and they're wicked comfy.
-0.5267 Sorry bro, your tortoise is fake.
-0.5106 Sick shoes btw.
-0.3491 The Nid De Guepes site said tan when referring to that c/w but I'm not sure why unless they consider that a tan
-0.3164 Yeah I feared it was you who got the 12!
-0.2732 Is this available for men's [these options, I mean, I'm gonna steal this exact model but with different side text]?
-0.2023 Ay that jacket is clean as fuck.