/u/forgottenmemes is kind of a dick.

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0.8402 His stances may be unpopular at his SJW infested university, but pretty popular in general.
0.8316 Let me share my wisdom with you This sub is for debate, please come prepared.
0.7351 I'm 60 seconds in and it sounds like huffpo tier propaganda. Do you like her because you think she does good work or because you want to bone her?
0.7269 They clearly need some MS13 and exploding Mohammads to make everyone happier.
0.7003 It's pretty clear they have an extremist left wing bent.
0.6908 And pointing out that someone is jewish and therefore may have a pro-jewish agenda is a legitimate point you'll never be able to have a good faith conversation about politics and race.
0.6597 Only race is a better predictor. Things like income and inequality are not nearly as accurate.
0.6369 pretty much 100% chance.
0.6249 I'm just curious where antifa cucks go to virtue signal after they've been castrated.
0.5875 Then why aren't you raping jewish women?
0.5859 Wow, you couldn't have picked a more prototypical collection of soy boys and cat ladies.

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-0.9531 Imagine if you were accused of murder and no one had to provide a body, no one had to show a murder weapon.
-0.898 If they were so brutal and evil why did they have Dutch, Danish, and Norwegian volunteers?
-0.8718 Dead cops!" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hqQXmnMr_w8 You have dead cops. http://www.thegatewaypundit.com/2016/07/blacklivesmatter-war-cops-least-10-cops-shot-killed-black-lives-matter-goons/
-0.8442 Where is there proof of a conspiracy to murder?
-0.8329 Since the country is only about 60% white is it 60% of whites are aware they're under attack or lots of non-whites who know they are under attack and don't care.
-0.8074 Police/Systemic racism does have an effect, but only among already crime prone populations.
-0.7845 Zyklon B is an insecticide used to kill lice. There is no official record of any plot to exterminate jews.
-0.7783 It also includes cats, but no one is arguing they are a part of the debate.
-0.7506 They've also been expelled from 359 places for their generally evil activities.
-0.743 The "Ferguson effect" has seen an increase in crime where police are hampered by systemic racism.
-0.743 Nothing in fascist ideology even suggests ignoring or doing away with due process.
-0.7269 For example in the US the highest income majority black city has a higher crime rate than the lowest income majority white city.