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0.868 Many truly believe that their exploiters are actually their friends or lovers, and they won't support a prosecution.
0.7713 The media's picked up on this now and that's usually the start of change - it'll be quite nice to see it being positive change, for once.
0.743 There is a strong public interest in rooting out people working in the police who hold these views, which makes the spend more proportionate.
0.7289 But as far as I can tell, it's not controlled. I'm reasonably confident that IGF is not illegal to possess for personal use in England and Wales.
0.6973 This is certainly not stirring up hatred on religious grounds.
0.6738 He's not mentally ill, he's autistic, and he's found acceptance with a group of lunatics who are only too happy to feed on his obsessive behaviour patterns.
0.6602 That's not a crime, so you can't have been arrested for it.
0.6486 Since the police **will** get a production order for an investigation of this magnitude, there's little point in the college resisting giving the information freely.
0.6369 You can also see that the longer the lieutenant resists, the stronger the officer's resolve becomes.
0.6369 Don't act on anything I've said here, it's an educated guess at best.
0.6249 What's important is his belief - not whether his belief is correct by the standards of decent and honest people.

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-0.8858 When the campaigners say "stop funding hate", what they mean is, "stop funding the particular kind of hate which offends me".
-0.8779 If one of the factors listed in section 2 applies, then the defendant's action is not to be regarded as dishonest - even if it would be dishonest if viewed by the Ghosh test in isolation.
-0.8705 Your friend has done something extraordinarily stupid and dangerous - but I doubt they will go to prison for it this time.
-0.8638 Ultimately the loss is borne by the person who is in possession of the note/coin when it's first identified as fake, which is why counterfeiting is so damaging to the economy.
-0.8439 It's likely that OP is suffering from mental ill-health, given that we know he was detained at a time when detaining someone is incredibly difficult, due to demand for beds far outstripping supply.
-0.8225 You can only be resentenced if you are *convicted* of another offence at court - so the only way this could possibly even go to court is if you refuse to pay the fixed penalty.
-0.7925 This is to stop, basically, gambling - taking out insurance on property you don't own and hoping bad things happen to it.
-0.7717 Defamation requires that serious damage be done to your reputation by a lie. If someone tells a lie about you, **to you**, then what damage has been done to your reputation?
-0.7717 What offence were you arrested for, and what was the outcome of the arrest?
-0.743 Theft and fraud are both crimes of specific intent - in other words, in order to commit them, the offender must at the time of the offence have a particular intent in mind.
-0.7334 Not that it makes any difference whether the camera is operational or not anyway, as speeding is always illegal whether the camera is working or not :P
-0.7184 All that would happen is CPS would stop charging "assault police".