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0.9259 I like searching and keeping happy pictures! I hope you had a great night.
0.872 I miss the efortless fun we had with each other, how easily and natural our trust felt.
0.8625 It's one of these stories that happened to a friend of a friend of a friend, and so on.
0.8481 Thank you for sharing the beautiful memories you two have (you see?
0.8481 you helped making mine great as well :)
0.8481 Thank you for sharing your feelings and the your loving memories about her.
0.8402 Please, try to keep in mind that the perception of beauty that our society holds can be sometimes unachievable, and we must go easy on ourselves from time to time.
0.836 and I hope you can find some peace of mind, too, since you witnessed something like this.
0.8291 But i think that it doesnt make the moments captured in the photos any less beautiful, and I hope everyone involved can find some comfort in that.
0.802 I'm sending you love and wishing you well.
0.7845 I'm glad to know your Huskies are loved.

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-0.833 You speak so well and gently of him, I can't help but smile even though I'm deeply sad for your loss.
-0.757 I think you know that our value as people can never be judged by our appearance, but i understand that there are days when we can't help but feel miserable about the way we look.
-0.7506 what a sad attempt to drag you with him and blame you one last time.
-0.6428 Remember that none of this shit about appearance will define you entirely.
-0.5423 Dont be your own enemy.
-0.4939 I'm glad you got to spent time together and I'm terribly sorry for your loss.
-0.4767 I knew that and I think it's a shame what happened to him.
-0.4767 The whole situation was a shame, actually.
-0.3182 Is there any chance that she could be abducted after what you saw, in other location entirely?
-0.296 It's not up your alley to tell me that I should stop something or shouldn't.
-0.296 Its okay to feel sad.
-0.25 I often find myself crying as well.