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0.964 Well don't fuck with big teddy bears xD Love that photo, they look amazing :3
0.9628 Oh well, thanks, I might have just overlooked those categories xD Because it is actually surprisingly easy to navigate on that site for German people as many words are pretty similar xD
0.9623 xD I for one got a nice bunch of cash for paying my next semester and an awesome rice cooker because I love the japanese food culture so much xD
0.9531 Nawww, this one is indeed super cute :3 Even though I am usually more into canines, felines, dolphins and sharks, I really feel I could get one of those cuties xD
0.9422 I didn't even know it still exists xD Oh it was awesome cuddling that one again, made the night alot more enjoyable xD
0.9334 Looks really nice so far, I like it :3 Keep up the good work :)
0.931 I'm always glad when I am able to help people :) That shop really looks amazing, I should as well look there more often. So..
0.9295 Now that it's downloaded, I really love it so far, good taste :3 Thank you for upping and posting them!
0.9152 Thanks :3 Yeah it's totally awesome.
0.9118 Oh, a German one as well, definitely gotta get one of those cuties x3 Thanks for looking it up :) // meh, for retailers only..
0.9095 I am very lucky that she didn't find out at that time. It is thrilling for sure :3 I wouldn't mind anyone catching me while Im doing it, I just don't want it to be one my parents ;)

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-0.8573 Not even because almost getting caught in the act but more because of the constant fear that my mum could carry my wolf around on the wrong spot where she might feel something dry in the fur..
-0.7096 Sadly I am a poor student...xD
-0.34 And the 'american' version is nowhere to be found here :/
-0.25 and shipping from US would cost twice as much as the plushie, let alone customs duties etc..
-0.1759 Feral dogs are rather hard to draw, sowwy!
-0.1232 http://www.toysrus.de/product/index.jsp?productId=4165201 I'm not sure, it looks a little different on the forehead but not too much.
-0.1027 I know..xD But I think it's hard to find anyone here in Germany that is willing to do it for me, so I guess I have to try it sooner or later.
0.0 Apparently not, as the artist said the following:
0.0 A few years ago, I have been in the exact same situation.
0.0 You also *might* find people here who live in your area but that's highly unlikely I guess.
0.0 Artist is [RaveBinx]
0.0 Aand my bicuriosity takes over more and more..