/u/fistaco121 is very positive!

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0.8779 Edit: Also, thanks a load, I love how you're doing this just out of kindness.
0.872 Yeah sure, happy to help.
0.8271 Also, Im glad to help someone out with magneton for a change haha.
0.8126 My info's in my flair, I hope you like my steel types :)
0.8091 Added you, have fun with the magneton =D
0.8007 I hope you'll like them ;) Added you!!!
0.784 I hope they make you just as happy as your pokemon make me!
0.7707 My info's in my flair, I hope you enjoy my pokes! Added!
0.7424 Hey James, thansk for doing this, I love both those pokemon!
0.7177 Charmeleon, Magmar and Toxicroak are among my favorites, thanks a lot!
0.6988 Hey man, I'd love to check out your safari!, so I added you!

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0.0 Actually, I'll surely be gone in about 30 minutes :( I'll definiteily be available again about 19/20 hours from now though
0.0 I'm on right now, are you available?
0.0 I'm getting online right now, trade you in a minute!
0.0 When will you be able to trade?
0.0 My info should be in my flair.
0.0 Any of these will do, but I'd understand if you weren't willing to trade any of those.
0.0 Edit: It's adamant, though I forgot the IVs.
0.0 LF: Charizardite X FT: Adamant Shiny Seadra, several Synchronize Abras , several Dittos
0.0 Hey, the info's in my flair, added you!
0.0 added, the info's in my flair!
0.0 Its in the flair, added!
0.0 The info is in my flair!