/u/felipebarroz is kind of a dick.

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0.8271 I wish you luck on your life :)
0.7579 Fun fact: there's a theme park in Brazil called Walter World, as Walter/Valter is a pretty common name.
0.7351 Start playing with a easy country like Portugal .
0.6908 If you want to learn backstabbing, you first get strong with Spain help then you ally France to crush Spain.
0.6808 I just saved the available videos in the case that they haven't saved it.
0.5984 I don't really remember: is he really rich, or just "rich" by a teenager standard?
0.4466 I mean, in real life, if a 12 years old kid has 100k to live through school years, he'll be OK.
0.4404 Tunis is indeed a good ally.
0.4404 With Portugal you're usually safe , so you can focus on learning about specific points of the game.
0.4215 I'm downloading days 2 and 3 , and I'll provide links to download them later. Did someone saved day 1?
0.4019 I'm thinking about contacting them first and ask if they're interested in uploading it by themselves.

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-0.9217 The Weasleyz were poor as fuck and were constantly harassed for being poor.
-0.7845 Ter filho sem sustentar no crime, mas as pessoas desempregadas que no pagam penso so presos.
-0.6908 No crime, mas voc vai ser punido depois nas notas.
-0.6249 Talvez eles atinjam a idade universitria em 25 anos...at l, a USP e a UFRJ no vo aguentar, infelizmente :(
-0.6166 I was thinking "oh, this guy's going to be so scared regarding the paperwork" But you're Italian!
-0.5574 If you want to war, you have the North Africa infidels to conquest.
-0.5574 He usually stays on North Africa harassing everyone and chilling.
-0.5423 Legalmente, isso seria crime?
-0.5267 There are stupid people on both sides, thinking the same thing.
-0.5267 o 0,001% dos bilionrios que compram o Governo e, portanto, colocam no STF os caras que esto no esquema. O resto, Juiz, Promotor, Empresrio Local, Faxineiro, tudo fodido junto.
-0.5267 No caso concreto, eu realmente no acredito que algum juiz condenaria o rapaz.
-0.5267 Esse negcio do concurso, apesar de ser verdade nas carreiras mais famosinhas , no a verdade completa. Em muitas carreiras boas, como Perito ou Auditor, quase no tem advogados.