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0.9506 Your hawk ROCKED :D Badass, but i love the classy look too :)
0.9164 Thank you so much :D Im so glad you like it.
0.8957 its such a lovely colour, great for during the day and you can dress it up nicely for the evening too
0.8534 I thought it looked amazing with the bare metal too, but it looks great with the paint!
0.8516 Just an amazing piece, i love it!
0.8402 Wee beauty, I love it.
0.8307 I'm glad you like them so much :)
0.8176 Aww thankyou so much, im just glad you like them :)
0.8176 im sure there are plenty of videos explaining how to do it safely if you search around :)
0.8122 What a cute idea, and the page looks great!
0.8115 Awesome, thankyou so much :)

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-0.75 :'( Living in Ireland we have sucky cereal!
-0.7345 Drunk photos are bad photos!
-0.7184 I would hate to loose detail through too much sanding etc when finishing?
-0.6341 Looks sick!!!
-0.6114 i was there too once, and i can tell you that'd be terrifying!
-0.6027 OMG I SUCK at stone settings!
-0.4767 I've been considering this as I have a couple of handheld torches but I was concerned about fire staining?
-0.4015 That doesnt look safe!
-0.3802 I bought a massive tub of coconut oil and rubbed it into my dreads, and then it was just a matter of patience and perseverance!
-0.296 I've made a few too many mistakes with foreign coins etc which have ended in a chard mess lol.
-0.2732 It melts around 250degrees so you could technically do it at home under the right conditions, and you can use cuttlefish bones or even plasticine to cast into because it has such a low melting point.
-0.2023 When working with found trinkets etc it's hard to always guess what things are made out of, and some alloys melt horribly when heated haha.