/u/fastocr31_ is kind of a dick.

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0.8555 oooooh you know they love it, oooooh you know they love it im so trolley, so trolley
0.8225 lol, this guy thinks the vast majority of people join the army out of some moral perogative lets all point and laugh
0.802 A decision in favor of public safety IS a desicion in favor of regular joes, remember that.
0.802 Have you ever wondered what your friend would like like in pieces?
0.7506 its an easy way for others to feel superior to you though inb4;
0.7096 Take this $5 and buy yourself a nice bowl of pennies for lunch, you deserve it champ.
0.6808 how is being attracted to children any different than being attracted to the same sex?
0.6369 Lets all pray that the immigrant that kidnapped her is a nigerian so he can give her a good dicking.
0.6249 I thought it was a great post.
0.5719 "Everybody" wins here.

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-0.9606 Those starving kids should stop fucking whining, in africa there are children that are starving AND that have been raped AND have hiv because of the belief that raping a virgin will cure your hiv.
-0.9312 This country doesn't allow us to kill off those kinds of burdens, so don't be surprised if someone doesn't give enough of a shit about their retarded children to take care of them.
-0.9141 why should i give a shit about people dying on 9/11 when 4x that many people starve to death every day? edit:downvotes without replies, nice
-0.8934 I liked how he dumped the apples right on top of their heads, nice animal cruelty dick, they could have been injured or killed.
-0.872 Teaching women how to minimize their own risk is bad, its just blaming the victim.
-0.8718 We should exclusively focus on telling men to stop raping people, and hope that nobody rapes anyone!
-0.836 *Implying that molesting a 17 year old is magically worse than molesting an 18 year old by the virtue of being a year younger*
-0.8357 kill the fucking burden
-0.8055 Not only that, but it would be downvoted into oblivion because redditors are too stupid not to downvote something they don't agree with.
-0.7845 If you haven't noticed, Israeli shills will always, ALWAYS point out something bad that an Arab country did, and then chastise you for ignoring it, regardless of how true it is.
-0.7506 I want her to smear all of her shitty makeup and ideas all over my erect cock.
-0.7351 The ugliest girl at the prom also wore the ugliest dress at the prom, and she got to play it off as a "joke".